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Whether your Amherst area business needs a new website designed or a complete overhaul and re-vamping of an existing website, Oak Web Works, LLC is the local web design company that can help you.

We have been designing, building and marketing websites for over a decade. From M.I.T. to Intel to ClickitTicket, we have worked for and helped sole proprietorships, mom and pop businesses, non-profits and large companies alike with their web presence. I grew up in this area (raised in Westfield) and now operate my web design and marketing business here.


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About Amherst, MA and Us

Downtown Amherst, MA

As an integral part of the western Massachusetts community, Amherst is known for many things, including it’s natural beauty, its colleges and universities, and it’s progressive and liberal philosophy.

Along with Northampton, Amherst forms a hotbed of forward-thinking, educated and socially conscious people, and that includes Amherst business owners and professionals as well. we share in those values and believe it’s possible to design websites that reflect this.

Our main goal is to make you happy with your final product. So we can and will design your site in any way you want. Or we can make suggestions if you prefer. Our process includes a discovery period where we sit down with you to learn exactly what you want and need. (Learn more about our process).

Amherst Resources

If you need a new website and want someone from the Western Mass Springfield/Amherst/Northampton area to help you design it and create it, call us. And if you are wondering how you can get your website to make your life easier and make your business more money, contact us today. (See Northampton SEO information here.) We also help progressive causes and organizations too.



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Frequently Asked Questions
✅ Is SEO a good way to get online Amherst customers?

Yes! One of the most popular ways people find Amherst, MA products and services online is to do a search. SEO helps your site show up in the top of the search results.

✅ How much do web design services cost?

Web design costs can vary greatly. Usually you pay a one-time set fee. One way it’s done is to pay half up front and the other half upon final delivery.

✅ Does on-page factors play a role in SEO today?

Yes, the things you include on your web page affect how it is ranked today. Relevant, useful and unique on-page content is vital to rank well.

✅ How can web design help a Amherst, MA business?

Making your Amherst online business look trustworthy and competent is important to get new customers and retain current ones. Professional web design can achieve this for you.