SEO Digital Marketing for Progressive Organizations and Activists

We help U.S. organizations that fight for progressive causes, like holding large corporations accountable, tackling environmental pollution, and addressing corruption in American politics, to name a few. We’re experts in increasing websites’ visibility and traffic using digital marketing efforts like search engine optimization (SEO).

The more visible your organization’s website is online, the more you can spread the word about who you are and what you do. This helps build awareness for your cause, improve your fundraising, and spurs mobilization of like-minded people. We’ve been helping organizations and businesses for a long time and know how to create a steady stream of relevant website visitors using a digital marketing strategy tailored to your specific needs and situation.

Why is SEO Good for Your Progressive Organization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) allows people who have never heard of your organization or cause to find you, learn about you, and engage with you. SEO helps progressive organizations become more visible online. When people search in Google for topics related to your cause, your site will pop up and you’ll get more visitors who are interested in your message. Grassroots organizations, progressive democrats, activists, and other progressive entities are often on a tight budget, making SEO a particularly good option, giving you the most bang for the buck.

And SEO is the gift that keeps on giving because long after our efforts are complete, your site will continue to get relevant organic Google traffic from our work, without having to pay more. Many of these new visitors in turn will help spread the word, and can help build your email list that you can use in the future to further spread news and information about your organization.

SEO & Digital Marketing for Progressive Organizations, Activists, and Democrats

Marketing your organization is critical for growth, creating change, and can help with fundraising too. SEO, email marketing, and social media are a few of the digital marketing channels we can take advantage of to market your organization, with SEO being one of the top tactics that we recommend using.

We can help ensure your site is found for a vast array of relevant keywords and questions related to your organization and it’s goals. We can create a custom blog content calendar for you that lists topics that have high monthly search volume that you can add to your blog over time, attracting tons of new visitors.

We understand that getting the word out about your progressive organization, its events, goals and philosophy are critical to your mission, and we’re here to help.

Types of Progressive Causes We Can Help

  • Voting Rights
  • Gun Control
  • Environmental Justice
  • Animal Rights
  • Political & Governmental Corruption
  • Climate Change
  • Cannabis Legalization and Law
  • Minimum Wage
  • Healthcare Reform
  • Child Labor
  • Digital marketing for the Democratic Party

Search Engine Optimization Tactics We Use

  • Technical SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Link building
  • Internal linking
  • Striking distance keyword optimizations
  • Competitive gap analysis
  • Conversion rate optimization

Progressive causes and organizations, democrats, activists and champions of voting rights, animal rights, and gun control, organizations that fight political corruption and rein in money in politics, and countless other progressive and liberal organizations all can benefit from being more visible online with our expert help. We also help environmental organizations and eco-friendly companies too.

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