It’s an ecosystem in a box! If you want to raise your child as an environmentally-conscious and ecosystem-aware person who may one day become a scientist, give them an early start and advantage of an ecosystem kids craft box called ‘Ecosystem Pack: Life Under The Sea, Arctic Science, Rainforest Science‘. Your child will have fun and learn while exploring each of the ecosystems.  Learn more now.

Each Ecosystem Pack is designed by experts and tested by kids to make sure they’re educational, effective, and fun. This box augments your child’s home STEAM (Science, Technology, Education, Art, and Math) curriculum, and is perfect for homeschoolers and educational institutions alike.

What Makes up the Kids’ Ecosystem Craft Box?

Your child will will have some hands-on fun and explore the wonders of the ocean, the arctic world, and the magnificent rainforests with this gift. And each box also contains thorough instructions, explanations, and many supplemental activities too. Read on to learn what each ecosystem craft box contains.

Life Under The Sea Crafts Box

This sensory box will help your child learn about ocean conservation and marine wildlife and contains the following fun learning kits: Silly Squid Windsocks, Why Doesn’t the Ocean Freeze Kit, Jellyfish Mobile, Octopus Stuffy Friend, Not-So-Scary Shark Mask, Colorful Stingray Mobile, Ocean Diorama, and more! Who knows, your child could become the next great oceanographer!

Arctic Science Craft Box

Your child can explore the wonderous arctic north with this amazing Arctic Science Box, which includes fun and educational activities like an Ice Fishing Game, Beaded Snowflake Keepsakes, Giant Color Diffusing Snowflakes, Northern Lights Postcards for mailing, Inuit Arctic Animal Masks that will teach little ones about Arctic species and Native communities in the arctic and more!

Rainforest Science Craft Box

Take your kids on a journey to study the wild and adventurous Rainforest with this jam-packed box Rainforest Science Discovery Box, which includes tons of different Creativity and STEM Science Kits. Create bouncing rubber balls, jungle drums, and rainforest rainsticks. Your kid can conduct a rainforest pollution experiment, build a rainforest terrarium and make cookies using ingredients found in the rainforest with this craft box too.


Fun Environmental Science Experiments and Crafts for Kids

If it’s important to you that your child knows about conservation, sustainability, and protecting our planet, then these environmental ecosystem craft boxes are the perfect way to teach them, using a hands-on learning approach that keeps them engaged. You’ll be setting your child on a trajectory of helping our planet. And if you’re little one likes other STEM topics, check out this outer space crafts box, the robot craft box, and the volcano box for kids too!

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