The Volcanoes Discovery Box

The Volcanoes Discovery Box contains four award-winning Creativity and STEAM Science Kits, including:

  • Break Your Own Geode Kit
  • Volcano Splatter Art Kit
  • Exploding DIY Volcano
  • Crystal Making Kit

Volcano Craft Box for ChildrenThese volcano box science kits help children’s creativity, attention span, critical thinking, and curiousness. Most of all, they will keep your child engaged and having fun while learning! What could be better than that?

This box augments your child’s home STEAM (Science, Technology, Education, Art, and Math) curriculum, and is perfect for homeschoolers and educational institutions alike.

Volcano Craft Kit – A Perfect Gift for Toddlers and Kids

This volcano box is the perfect gift for the inquisitive kid in your life.  Many toddlers and kids get entranced by volcanoes, finding them exciting, enigmatic, dangerous and alluring all at once. And kids love arts and crafts, so the combination of volcano arts and crafts box may just the thing your young volcanologist will love.

When kids’ hands are kept busy, their minds stay captivated, and they often learn better when it’s hands-on too. Crafts help a child’s creativity and curiosity and this volcano discovery kit is an arts and crafts favorite. And if you’re little one likes other STEM topics, check out this outer space crafts box, the ecosystem kids craft box, and the robot box for kids too!


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