The Discovery Robot Box

This Discovery Robot Box is the perfect arts and crafts will enable your child to design, create, and play with their own robot creations! There’s the Magnetbot, Artbot, Glidebot, and the Hexbug Nano robot pet. Learn more now.

The Combination of Robots and an Arts and Crafts BoxRobot Craft Box

What better way to encourage your little one to become more curious and creative than by arts and crafts combined with a futuristic, science-related topic like robots! Arts and crafts kits like this robot box allows children to enjoy hands-on learning.

And a child exposed to these kinds of wonders may one day become a robotics expert or engineer! It’ll help your child with other craft robot ideas too and can be a robot craft project that keeps them busy for hours on end.


Each robot craft box is carefully designed by experts for educational quality and tested by kids to make sure they’re fun. This box helps your at-home STEAM (Science, Technology, Education, Art, and Math) curriculum, perfect for homeschoolers and educational institutions alike. And if you’re little one likes STEM topics, check out this outer space crafts box, the ecosystem kids craft box, and the volcano box for kids too!


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